About us

MeePwn CTF Team, founded in 2016, is a Vietnamese capture-the-flag team which had won several prizes CTF from Vietnam and over the world. Each member has a unique skill set that contributes to the team.

Now, beside playing CTF, our members also doing security researches and helping make the Internet safer: had found some vulnerabilities, gained some CVEs and found some high impact bugs in bug bounty programs.


  • Nguyen Manh Luat (khmt06)


  • 0xd0ff9
  • anhdaden
  • bit
  • bmtd
  • bo8
  • cothan
  • ducnt
  • h4niz
  • hocsama
  • z22
  • knight9
  • mipu94
  • peternguyen
  • phieulang aka. quynhnhu
  • tinduong
  • trichimtrich
  • tsug0d
  • qd

Official fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/meepwn.team/

Official blog: https://meepwn.team